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Home Security

A home security system can give you and your family added protection and peace of mind for more than just break-ins. Did you know that most security companies can also detect fires, flooding, and carbon monoxide poisoning? These companies offer 24-hour protection, 365 days out of the year. So whether you’re on vacation or simply out at work or a dinner, you always have someone in your corner watching your home when you cannot.

Another added benefit for a home security system….DISCOUNTS on your home owners insurance (depending on the company) up to 25%.

You may think that ADT is the only company out there due to their heavy advertising; however there are many small local companies that do just as good of a job at a lower price. I actually saw an advertisement on television for a very inexpensive security program that you install yourself (no hard-wiring) at a significantly lower price. Once you pay for the package to get everything installed its only about $15 a month to maintain the security system. Although I have no personal or business relation to the company it seemed like a great alternative for those who cannot afford the top dollar ADT brand. Here’s the website:

What many companies have to offer in this technologically advanced world:

Live video/audio feed that you can watch from your phone or tablet device.

Home automation from your tablet or smart phone.

Remote arming and disarming with a keychain or similar device.

Customization of your home settings – sleep modes, vacation modes, and day to day modes.

Twenty-four seven/365 monitoring.

Password safety – When the alarm goes off, the company contacts you immediately and you must give a specific and unique password.

Smart phone and tablet gizmos – Not only can you automatically lock your doors when you’re not even home with the use of your internet account, but you can now also control the temperature and lighting in your home as well.

Most people think of home robberies when they think about alarm systems; however as mentioned there are so many other features that can help save your life, your pets, and your personal belongings in the event of some other disaster. Shop around today to see if an alarm system fits within your budget.

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